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In this work, I provide evidence to this effect. I further claim that cancer will only occur after all other defense or healing mechanisms in total body cleanse aerobic life body have failed.

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However, as you are about to find out, cancer is on our side, not against us. What determines the type and severity of cancer with which you are afflicted?

To deal with the root causes of cancer, you must find satisfying and practical answers to the above questions. If you feel the inner urge to make sense of this life-changing event, cancer that isyou most likely will recover from it. Cancer can be your greatest opportunity to help restore balance to all aspects of your life, but it can also be the harbinger of severe trauma and suffering.

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Either way you are always in control of your body. To live in a human body, you must have access to a certain amount of life-sustaining energy. You may either use this inherent energy in a nourishing and self-sustaining or in a destructive and debilitating way. In case you consciously or unconsciously choose negligence or self-abuse over loving attention and self-respect, your body will likely end up having to fight for its life.

Cancer is but one of the many ways the body tries to change the way you see and treat yourself, including your body.

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This inevitably brings up the subject of spiritual health, which plays at least as important a role in cancer as physical and emotional reasons do. Cancer appears to be a highly confusing and unpredictable disorder. It seems to strike the very happy and the very sad, the rich and the poor, the smokers and the non-smokers, the very healthy and the not so healthy.

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People from all backgrounds and occupations can have cancer. However, if you dare look behind the mask of its physical symptoms, such as the type, appearance and behavior of cancer cells, you will find that cancer is not as coincidental or unpredictable as it seems to be.


Blaming the genes for that is but an excuse to cover up ignorance of the real causes. Besides, any plasturi detoxifiere dr max genetic researcher would tell you that such a belief is void of any logic and outright unscientific as explained in the book.

Cancer has always been an extremely rare illness, except in industrialized nations during the past years. Human genes have not significantly changed for thousands of years. Why would they change so drastically now, and suddenly decide to kill scores of people?

The answer to this question is amazingly simple: Damaged or faulty genes do not kill anyone. Cancer does not kill a person afflicted with it! Total body cleanse aerobic life kills a cancer patient is not the tumor, but the numerous reasons behind cell mutation and tumor growth.

These root causes should be the focus of every cancer treatment, yet most oncologists typically ignore them. After having seen thousands of cancer patients over a period of three decades, I began to recognize a certain pattern of thinking, believing and feeling that was common to most of them.

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Cancer, the physical disease, cannot occur unless there is a strong undercurrent of emotional uneasiness and deep-seated frustration. Cancer can actually be a way of revealing the source of such inner conflict. Furthermore, cancer can help them come to terms with such a conflict, and even heal it altogether.

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The way to take out weeds is to pull them out along with their roots. This is how we must treat total body cleanse aerobic life otherwise, it may recur eventually. Once the cancer causes have been properly identified, it will become apparent what needs to be done to achieve complete recovery.

It is a medical fact that every person has cancer cells in the body all the time.

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These cancer cells remain undetectable through standard tests until they have multiplied to several billion. When doctors announce to their cancer patients that the treatments they prescribed total body cleanse aerobic life successfully eliminated all cancer cells, they merely refer to tests that are able to identify the detectable number of cancerous cells.

Standard cancer treatments may lower the number of cancer cells to an undetectable level, but this certainly cannot eradicate all cancer cells. As long total body cleanse aerobic life the causes of tumor growth remain intact, cancer may redevelop at any time and at any rate. Curing cancer has little to do with getting rid of a group of detectable cancer cells.

Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are certainly capable of poisoning or burning many cancer cells, but they also destroy healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc.

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A real cure of cancer does not occur at the expense of destroying other vital parts of the body. Of course, these causes of death are not being attributed to cancer. This statistical omission makes it appear we are making progress in the war against cancer.

However, many more people are dying from the treatment of cancer than from cancer.