Symptoms of too many toxins in your body,

What Too Much Exercise Does To Your Body And Brain

Look instead at your dinner table. We eat too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods.

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Scientific research continually indicates nationwide vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our country, and we spend over a trillion dollars each year on disease care. Is it any surprise that doctors consistently place among the very highest incomes?

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Andrew Saul has seen enough of this situation, and in Doctor Yourself, he gives you the power you need to change it. Citing numerous scientific evidence, as well as case studies from his decades of practice, Dr. Saul explodes the myth that an army of medical specialists and pharmaceutical drugs are necessary to maintain our health. The human body evolved to live well and fight off disease on a supply of only a dozen or so essential nutrients.

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Unfortunately, modern meat-laden, high-sugar diets provide catastrophically inadequate levels of those nutrients. Using the guidelines and protocols for diet and vitamin megadosing laid out in Doctor Yourself, you can not only prevent disease from getting a foothold in the first place, but also literally cure yourself of illnesses already in progress without resorting to drugs or surgery.

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