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Share this article Share During storms, drains could direct sewage or other dangerous substances into the water and therefore become part of the foam.

The warning comes as a Queensland swimmer who decided to take a dip in the froth was dubbed 'foam man'.

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Social media has been flooded with images of the foam, from locations in New South Wales and Queensland The man, pictured at Froggy's Beach in Queensland, is seen filming the swirling, foamy ocean as a small wave approaches him from behind The man was swimming in the surf at Froggy's Beach, a bay south of Snapper Rocks, on Saturday on the Gold Coast.

He was captured by Cooly News standing in the water which resembled a sea of thick clouds. As he turns towards the shore while filming, a thick, white wave is seen washing over snap sea moss top of him.

The man is completely lost from view for a few seconds, while submerged under the swirling foamy water.

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He is then seen coming to the surface, completely covered head to toe in thick, white suds, resembling a human marshmallow. During storms, drains can direct sewage or other dangerous substances into the water and it become part of the foam Masses of the foam look like sheep from a distance on this beach and in the water Read more: Share or comment on this article: Australia's Snap sea moss Coast Sea polluted with sewage after sotrms.

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