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I know I'm going to die, and I have the worry of coronavirus on top of it," he told Sky News. It's hard, it's my wife.

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I need a cuddle. If you don't get it you'll give it to your grandma or your mum - I don't know what it's going to take for people to listen.

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If I get this it will kill me, and I have other friends who have it and are fighting for their lives. Image: Simon has lived with bowel cancer for four years, and it has spread throughout his body Image: They recieved one of the government's first 50, care boxes, prioritised to society's most vulnerable Mr Cowls said his GP recently expressed concern over the phone that people were stockpiling medication in the same way they had done with toilet paper, which posed a risk to the supply of his life-saving medication.

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Image: Ali quit her job as a nurse in the NHS to look after Simon This weekend, Mr Cowls received one of the government's first 50, food parcels sent to the country's most vulnerable to help them self-isolate for a mandatory period of three months.

It included toilet rolls, shower gel, tinned food, bread, cereal and fresh produce.

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Image: Simon loves the outdoors and wants to explore much more of the UK The support is crucial to Mr Cowls as it means his wife no longer has to leave the house and can fully self-isolate. After two weeks, they can re-assess how much contact they can have.

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He said the free boxes were due to be delivered once a week, but that he wanted to see the weeks-long wait for online orders for supermarkets shortened so that the boxes could instead "be delivered to people more financially in need".

Mr Cowls hopes to survive the three months of shielding from society and longs for the day he does not rectal cancer how long to live to video chat his wife from the lonely campervan.

Nevena Cercel are in continuare nevoie de noi! Țara Galilor "rata mortalității chirurgicale" mai mare decât se aștepta " Urgenta Live Rectal cancer how long to live On Decembrie 15, Share Numarul de pacienti cu cancer intestinal care mor dupa o interventie chirurgicala in Tara Rectal cancer how long to live pare sa fie mai mare decat se astepta, arata noi cifre publicate luni. Studiul a constatat că, după doi ani, Serviciul de îngrijire a rectal cancer how long to live și îngrijirii sociale HSCIC a spus că diferența ar putea fi datorată datelor mai puțin detaliate din galeză.