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Health care technology management HCTM : an assessment of its application in Canadian teaching hospitals Eisler, George Abstract The rate of technological change is often referred to as one of the drivers of change in Canada's health care system. However, the challenge of managing technology has not received extensive attention in the health care management literature.

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This study was conducted to provide a model for technology management and an assessment of the level of technology management practices in Canada's teaching hospitals. An extensive literature content analysis generated a set of definitions and attributes of the conceptual construct 'technology management'.

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Through a formal survey design process involving expert input, pilot testing, and field testing a measurement instrument was developed. The Association of Canadian Academic Health Organizations ACAHO enthusiastically supported a web-based survey of senior administrators, representing many of Canada's technology intensive teaching hospitals. They each rated the importance and the extent of implementation of 26 indicators, which had been derived via the content analysis from the list of attributes.

From each set of importance and implementation ratings, a gap score measure was calculated.

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Through a variety of statistical methods including factor analysis and cluster analysis of the gap scores, it was determined that there were significant differences between organizations relative to the gap between a benchmark level and their actual level of technology management practice. Two major clusters of hospitals emerged. One of the clusters performed significantly better than the other for each plan d tox promo code the 26 measurement indicators.

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