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Abstract The purposes of this study are: 1.

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To determine the response rate and response duration in this patient population treated with the maximum tolerated dose MTD of topotecan administered on a weekly schedule in combination with standard dose gefitinib, given by way of the mouth PO daily. Descriere Gefitinib inhibits the activity of a molecule present on the cancer cell that plays a role in cancer cell growth.

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Topotecan is an FDA approved drug used to treat ovarian cancer that is still present after treatment with chemotherapy. It is also used to treat recurrent ovarian cancer patients whose cancer returns after they have been cancer-free for a period of time. Before treatment starts, you will have a complete physical exam, routine blood tests about teaspoonsa chest x-ray, and a CT scan or MRI.

Women who are able to have children must have a negative blood pregnancy test. There are 2 phases to this study.

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In the first phase, 3 different dose levels of topotecan are being studied. The dose of topotecan that you receive will depend on when you are enrolled.

It will also depend on whether or not other participants had side effects from their treatment.

Validating the M. D. Anderson Symptom Inventory (MDASI) for use in patients with ovarian cancer.

Although the dose of topotecan will vary, the dose of gefitinib is the same for all participants. Up to 6 participants may be treated at each dose.

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The goal of this portion of the study is to find the highest safe dose of this drug combination. Up to 18 patients will be treated on this part of the study.

  • Este nevoie de continuarea studiilor pentru acest grup de populație, pentru a se evalua cât mai corect cum să vindecăm enterobioza la copii cancer fallopian tube necesară de tratament, cât şi toxicitatea şi posibilele interacţiuni ale comorbidităților aferente.
  • Peritoneal cancer fallopian tube.

Once the highest safe dose of topotecan has been found, the second phase of the study will begin. In this phase, all participants will receive the same dose of topotecan and gefitinib.

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Up to 40 patients will be enrolled in this part of the study but 6 will be from the 1st portion of the study. Each treatment cycle is 28 days long.

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You will take one gefitinib tablet by mouth peritoneal cancer fallopian tube day beginning on Day 1. In addition, you will be given topotecan through a catheter tube placed in a vein over 30 minutes on Days 1, 8, and Blood tests to check your kidney, liver, and bone marrow function and a complete checkup physical examination, including a pelvic peritoneal cancer fallopian tube rectal exam will be done before each course of therapy and a month after treatment ends.

About teaspoons of blood will be collected for routine blood tests each time blood is drawn during this study.

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Follow up CT scans or MRI scans will be done after every 2 to 3 cycles to evaluate your response to treatment. You will be taken off study if your disease gets worse or intolerable side effects occur.

If you have a complete response peritoneal cancer fallopian tube this therapy no evidence of cancer then treatment will continue for an additional 6 months and then stop.

You will be monitored for at least 30 days after your last dose of therapy. If you have side effects related to this treatment combination, you will be monitored longer until the side effects have gone away. This is an investigational study.

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Both gefitinib and topotecan are FDA approved and commercially available. However, their use together in this study is investigational. A total of up to 52 patients will take part in this study.