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The role of human papillomavirus infection in the pathogenesis of the external and the middle ear squamous papilloma and squamous cell carcinoma.

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Source: ORL. Author s : Maniu, A. Abstract: Introduction. Human papillomaviruses HPVs represent a diverse category of viruses that usually are involved in the development of squamous papilloma in the head and neck region. The most common sites affected are the oral cavity or the larynx, whereas their location appearance in the outer or papillomavirus infection squamous cell ear is less common.

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In addition, epidemiology and laboratory data have shown that the infection with HPV plays a role in malignant tumors pathogenesis, particularly in genital cancers, cancers of the skin, of the nasal cavities and aerodigestive tract, while few data are presented in the literature about their connection with external or middle ear carcinomas.

The aim of this paper is to present the current knowledge related to the potential association of the external and middle ear tumors with HPVs. Materials and method.

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An overall literature search of the PubMed database was performed on publications regarding the involvement of the infection with HPV in external and middle ear tumors genesis. Results and discussion. There are few studies in the literature that discuss the link between HPV and ear tumors.

HPV Infection in Pathogenesis of Head and Neck Cancers

HPV low-risk types 6 or 11 appear to be involved in the pathogenesis of squamous papilloma of the external and middle ear, and high-grade risk HPV types 16 or 18 are confined to the external or middle ear carcinogenesis. However, the study results are not conclusive.

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Further genetic investigations are required to clarify the causal correlation specifically between HPVs and the pathogenesis of squamous carcinoma involving the external and middle ear. Copyright of ORL. However, users may print, download, papillomavirus infection squamous cell email articles for individual use.

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