Pancreatic cancer resectability, Cancerul pancreatic

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Morphometrical differences between resectable and non-resectable pancreatic cancer: a fractal analysis. Candidates for pancreatic cancer resectability resection should be carefully selected.

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In order to avoid unnecessary laparotomy it is useful to identify reliable factors that may predict resectability. Nuclear morphometry and fractal dimension of pancreatic nuclear features could provide important preoperative information in assessing pancreas resectability.

The applicability of radial endoscopic ultrasonography in pancreatic diseases

Patients were divided into two groups: one resectable cancer group and one with non-resectable pancreatic cancer. Morphometric parameters measured were: nuclear area, length of minor axis and length of major axis.

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Nuclear shape and chromatin distribution of the pancreatic tumor cells were both estimated using fractal dimension. RESULTS: Morphometric measurements have shown significant differences between the nuclear area of the resectable group and the pancreatic cancer resectability group Fractal dimension of the nuclear outlines and chromatin distribution was found to have a higher value in the non-resectable group p Objective measurements should be performed to improve risk assessment and therapeutic decisions in pancreatic cancer.

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Nuclear morphometry of the pancreatic nuclear features can provide important pre-operative information in resectability assessment. The fractal dimension of the nuclear shape and chromatin distribution may be considered a new promising adjunctive tool for conventional pathological analysis.