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All synthesized compounds were screened by qualitative and quantitative methods for their in vitro antibacterial activity against 4 bacterial strains.

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It was found that the presence of saturated heterocycles from the amine molecule, 1-methyl piperazine and morpholine, respectively, contributes to an increased biological activity, compared to aromatic amino analogs, diphenylamino- 4-nitroamino- and 4-aminobenzoic acid.

The planarity of the molecules, specific bond lengths and localization of HOMO—LUMO orbitals is responsible for the best biological activities of the compounds. Pharmacology, and RM Abstract Antibiotic resistance has become a serious global health threat.

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Wastewater gut biofilm removal plants may become unintentional collection points for bacteria resistant to antimicrobials. Little is known about the transmission of antibiotic resistance from wastewater treatment plants to humans, most importantly to wastewater treatment plant workers and residents living in the vicinity.

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Quantifying the contribution of different wastewater treatment processes to the removal efficiency of ESBL-producing E.