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External beam radiation therapy EBRT was administered at a total dose TD of 46Gy when patients were evaluated for surgery and those with favorable parametrial response were optionally operated. At a median follow-up of Grade hematological toxicity on all medullary lines were the most common hematological toxicity observed to NACT.

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Conclusion: NACT administered before RCT brings a high response rate with manageable toxicity, but randomized, larger number and long term evaluation trials are necessary in order to confirm these data. Because the results of the 2 studies may be affected by various factors, this hypothesis requires confirmation by randomized clinical trials.

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For this reason 2 large phase III clinical studies, ML and VELOUR appeared both multicentric and randomized, that have as primary end points to improve overall survival; The overall survival for these two studies were: Key gastric cancer neoadjuvant metastatic colorectal cancer, bevacizumab, VEGF, oxaliplatin, irinotecan, capecitabine. Surgery is the gastric cancer neoadjuvant curative treatment. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy used as neoadjuvant or adjuvant regimens, alone or in combination, have yielded encouraging results.

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Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment which causes a large number and a variety of side effects to the body. The toxicity limits the dose and rate of cytostatic administration.

In gastric cancer neoadjuvant study we report a case of a 34 year old patient, without a personal history of pathologic disease, who developed seizures after the 4th EOX cycle for gastric cancer. After eliminating other causes through cerebral CT and IRM scans, lumbar puncture and neurological examination, it was considered that the seizures were caused by the chemotherapeutic drugs Epirubicin or Oxaliplatin.

Key words: gastric cancer; EOX chemotherapy; tonic-clonic seizures.